How It Works

Proven process. Professional Design.

Professional website design helps authors grab attention.

We work with authors at every stage of their writing careers, from NY Times bestselling authors to debut novelists preparing for launch.

We help our authors build their platforms by giving readers a place to connect, deepening the emotional bond between author and reader.

The Easy Update system makes it simple to keep up to date.

We don't use wordpress templates so you can be sure your website will stand out and be unique.

The hosting is fully-managed and proactively supported. That means it's our job to keep the site running for you. No template updates or security patches to worry about. The editing system is totally integrated into your website so that everything is simple.

Take Charge

with a professionally-designed website that you can manage.

The process

Here’s how it works


Creative Kickoff

The project begins with inspiring, creative 60-minute screenshare and consultation.

Our job is to ask you the right questions, help you define your position in the marketplace. Identify the emotions you need to evoke. What are you writing? Who's your audience? Why do they love you? Are you pitching agents or editors? Selling direct to readers?

We'll also ask you specific design questions — colors, textures, images you love — and what you don’t want to see.


Expert Guidance

Your designer will guide you through the process of creating your site and getting it launched.

At the start of the project your dedicated Project Manager will send you a detailed strategy questionnaire to help us understand your unique situation and goals.

And every step of the way, your PM is the front lines of communication, present in all  meetings, and always available via email if you have a question.


Author Design System or Full Custom Design 

Your choice:

Author Design System

Our creative process begins with the selection of a design system.

Each is a possible starting place for your site’s look, and incorporates powerful customization options to differentiate your site, connect with readers and elevate your brand.

Clean and modern. Rich and immersive. Sophisticated and professional. Our experienced design team has created a number of jumping off points for you to choose from.

Then they customize it, adapting the design library with your brand, fonts and colors — everything we talked about in the Creative Kickoff — so that the site we build you build will perfectly match your brand…

Or Full, Custom Design

On our custom projects, the next step is for us to bring your vision to life.

Your web designer, working from the creative vision that we came up with together in your kickoff, will create a world-class, cinematic web design that immerses readers in your story and brings your ideas to life online.

This is a collaborative process — we present our ideas to you via screenshare, incorporate your feedback, and revise accordingly. Animation, special effects, and high production values are all in scope on our custom projects. The goal is unforgettable author website that looks like no other.


Custom Graphics Throughout The Site

It’s the subtle touches and ambient details that make the difference between a cookie cutter site and a polished, evocative experience.

Your decided to work with a professional team for a reason: Your readers know quality when they experience it.

We make sure the perfectionism extends deeper than the homepage, creating a high quality interaction with every reader. On every project, whether or not you have purchased a full custom design package, our design team photoshops key images, and creates any necessary icons and production art to flesh out your site so that every detail shines, top to bottom.


Flexible Layouts

The drag and drop visual editing system makes it simple to add books and new publications, update text and new photos sitewide.

Unlike a typical wordpress site, your pages are flexible, built with drag and drop blocks that ensure your website continues to grow. Unlike a squarespace site, the designs are customized to match your brand, and our graphics team crops and polishes your key images for a world-class finish.

You’re in the driver’s seat. From the day the site launches, it’s easy to add new photos, update text and images on every page. Add new pages, books and events, change the menus, and move things around.


Launch a Platform for Growth

Fully-managed, cloud-hosted software and a dedicated design team who knows your brand.

It’s the best of all worlds.

The day it launches your website is clean, modern, upscale and professional. It’s ready to start working for you on Day One — and when you need help from the professionals, you’re backed up by a team of digital marketers, web and print designers who can help you take your brand and marketing  to the next level.

Let’s Talk

Our experienced team understands authors and the industry.

We’ll help you look amazing and make it fun.