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Author Website Essentials

Easy and affordable custom web design for authors

Professional website design helps authors grab attention.

We work with authors at every stage of their writing careers, from NY Times bestselling authors to debut novelists preparing for launch.

We help our authors build their platforms by giving readers a place to connect, deepening the emotional bond between author and reader.

The Easy Update system makes it simple to keep up to date.

We don't use wordpress templates so you can be sure your website will stand out and be unique.

The hosting is fully-managed and proactively supported. That means it's our job to keep the site running for you. No template updates or security patches to worry about. The editing system is totally integrated into your website so that everything is simple.

You can edit every word and photo on your site, add new books, update your bio, awards, and blog. And everything happens inline, directly on the page where it lives. 

Our writers' website design package gives every author a chance to work with an established design team and make a professional impact .

We'll design a completely custom homepage for you that is intended to evoke emotion, promote your latest work, and deepen your connection with readers. Then we'll apply the same design style to an entire author presence that includes book pages, series pages, media info, events, a blog, and more.

  • Create a hub for your online presence.

  • Stand out and make an impact.

  • Showcase every book and series.

  • Drive traffic to the latest release

  • Get more followers and email subscribers

  • Promote new releases and upcoming events

  • Sell more books

Easy Author Web Design

Writers are concerned about the idea of building a "personal brand" online. But at the heart of it is something simple that writers already know: Good writing evokes emotion. Your personal brand does the same thing.

Some writers' brands are all about inspiring trust and authority. Some convey luxury or worldliness, danger or humor or sensuality.


Our job is to ask you the right questions, help you define your position in the marketplace. Identify the emotions you need to evoke. What are you writing? Who's your audience? Why do they love you? Are you selling to consumers? Pitching editors, agents, magazines?

We'll also ask you specific design questions — colors, textures, images you love and hate.

Based on this conversation your web designer will create a unique look for you.

  • A homepage that establishes a mood and promotes your latest offerings.
  • A bio page that distinguishes you and sells your experience.
  • An online portfolio to show off your work
  • A blog (included, but only if you want it) to encourage return visits.
  • And a way to connect, or buy your published work.

These building blocks are the foundation of our Writers' Essentials package. The reason our custom websites are so affordable is that we don't start with a blank screen.

There's a lot more we can do, but it's all optional. The basics are here, but the sky is the limit.

Our mission in life is to make this easy for you.

Your designer will create the design based on your input, incorporating any visual elements you provided, such as book covers, logo art, and your headshot if you have one. You'll have a chance to request revisions to the design, and then we'll build your site.

When your new website site goes live you'll be able to edit text and images on every page, add news and events, and add items to your portfolio, without writing HTML or having to pay anyone to do it for you.

Your site includes Google Analytics to track your visitors, and integration with your Amazon affiliate program to sell online.

No Technical Skills Required.

That's what we're here for. Be confident: the Easy Update system was designed for non-technical people. If you can use Word, you can update your site. It'sweirdly easy.

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