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People CMS

The easiest way to manage your author website.

Edit Text and Update Photos

Showcase your latest release. Promote an upcoming event. Blog. Edit your bio, press kit, and more. It's weirdly easy.

Seamlessly Integrated

Edit every word of your site - right where it lives. No admin portal or plugins to mess around with.

Fully-Managed, Fast and Secure

A cloud-hosted, turn-key solution supported by a dedicated team.

Built for authors

People CMS was originally created to help authors manage their professional websites.

People CMS makes it simple to edit your website. There’s no software to install or manage. No wordpress to patch or give you a headache.  And no waiting for your “web guy” to update your site.

  • Change text and photos on every page.
  • Upload photos and they're automatically resized and positioned on the page.
  • Promote your newest release.
  • Integrate with your Amazon affiliate program to encourage sales from your site.
  • Highlight upcoming events and readings.

If you can use Word, you can use our hassle-free People CMS. It's weirdly easy.

"Bizango is truly an amazing company, and I couldn’t be happier with their products.

I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for a customized approach, positive attitude, and dedication to quality web design.”

Author, CL Denault

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Our People CMS makes updating your content and photos on the site easy without having to mess around with HTML or the hassles of Wordpress.  No other solution in this price range combines custom homepage design with a content management system so simple to use.

Add “Buy now” links to your site that will send your readers directly to that book page on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBook, Kobo, etc…

A writer ALWAYS has something new to talk about.

Whether it is an upcoming release, a book-signing or special event.  We make it easy-peazy for you to stay connected to your readers. 

  • Engage readers and grow your fan club with an easy to update blog.  
  • Enable your readers to subscribe to your blog so that they will receive an email whenever you post.  
  • Link your social media platforms like Facebook or twitter back to your site to cultivate a rich platform in which to engage your audience.

Attract the attention of agents and publishers

The process of querying agents is daunting.  But with a rich online platform, you can standout from other writers in your genre, show off your work and prove that you can engage and attract readers.  Agents and publishers want to see writing that is polished and marketable.  Here’s your chance to put your best foot forward.  



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